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Take a look, use it and enjoy it !
Imported variety goods to touch your five senses

The variety goods are not just goods, but tool for communication.
We develop the goods to enrich the customer’s mind, having the goods on their hands, looking, using and enjoying.
We handle the items of SEMK, established by the designer group in Hong Kong, and various category of gift, personality items etc.


オリジナル商品、ヨーロッパなどからのインポート、そして国内メーカーの商品を、直営店、百貨店、インターネットなどで展開。直営店「quattro・ angoli」(クアトロ・アンゴリ)では、イタリアのファクトリーブランドのバッグを中心に販売。ショッピングモール、百貨店などに出店しています。

Enrich the mind of owner
High quality bag and leather goods

We handle the bags and leather goods to enrich the mind of owner with high quality and high sensitivity. We handle our original goods, import products from Europe and other countries, domestic manufacture brands, marketing at our own stores, internet stores and to department stores.
We are developing “quattro・angoli” (our own store) which handles selected items of Italian factory brand, in the major shopping mall and in the department stores.



High quality smoking accessories, seeking the specialty trend

The smoking goods (such as lighter and ashtray) are not just tool, but it is smoking accessory. We develop the items to satisfy the specialty smokers and trend spotter.
The sales channels are specialty shop, variety goods shop, our own stores, internet, and export to overseas. We also develop and sell the items to reduce the smoking of cigarette, such as our original electronic tobacco and so on.



Various variety goods to enrich the daily life, selling at 100 yen shop and 300 yen shop

We develop, import and sell the smoking goods, interior goods, fashion items, stationery, toy, household goods, and the goods for beauty and health in the 100 yen shop and 300 yen shop. These products are supplied from overseas, mainly from China, and also in domestic. The logistics system is established to deliver directly to the more than 2,000 stores in Japan.


Highest quality Rose Aroma Brand, “Palechka”

We buy and sell the highest quality rose, pure damask rose oils “Rose Otto” from Bulgaria directly.